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Bios - Justice League

Voiced By:
Kevin Conroy as Batman
Carl Lumbly as Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz
Phil LaMarr as Green Lantern
Maria Canals as Hawkgirl
Michael Rosenbaum as Flash
First Appearance: "Shock to the System"
Position: Protectors of Earth

Bio: When the Justice Leagueís power core went down, they got Static to charge it back up for them.

After fixing the supply, it was found that Brainiac had infected the Watchtower and sent the Justice League away on a false distress signal. With Static and Gear remaining the tower, they were able to hold Brainiac back until the Justice League returned.

Static worked with the Justice League again shortly after this, when his friend Gearís systems and mind became infected with Brainiacís software.

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