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Bios - Ragdoll
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett
First Appearance: "Ragdolls to Riches"
Position: Triple-Jointed Contortionist Thief

Bio (Cartoon Network): A master thief and triple-jointed contortionist, capable of bending his body in all sorts of impossible ways.

Bio: Able to bend himself in every imaginable (and even some unimaginable) positions, Ragdoll is a formidable opponent for The Batman, but an even bigger adversary of Catwoman. While Catwoman's interests are merely in cat-related fare, Ragdoll's interests lay wherever the money is. To Catwoman's dismay, this is also in rare cat-items: vintage animation cells, priceless artifacts and the main jewel of their battle, two 'Cat's Eyes' emeralds, hidden in a Gotham Clock Tower by a mobster in the 1930's. Though never found, it was enough to pique the interest of Ragdoll and Catwoman, falling into a trap set by The Batman.

After a lengthy and spectacular battle, Ragdoll went to Arkham empty handed, Catwoman back home and The Batman (and Bruce Wayne) with two newly found emeralds.

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