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Bios - Spellbinder
Voiced By: Michael Massee
First Appearance: "The Butler Did It"
Position: Mystic Villain

Bio (Official - CN): A three-eyed mystic with the ability to induce hypnotic visions in whomever he chooses.

Bio: Able to induce realistic, in both sight and feeling, hallucinations into his victims, Spellbinder is capable of doing this because he possesses a "third eye." Bruce Wayne explained it to Alfred...

"During my studies in the Far East, I learned of a remote temple, whose monks performed a particularly intense form of meditation, believed to lead to that which only a few could achieve--the mystic power of the third eye. A state of awareness so pure or potent, one could project ones visions into reality."

Possessing the power of the third eye and a criminal mind, Spellbinder controlled Gotham's wealthy into giving up their prized possessions. When he attempted to steal a rare gem that would strengthen his spells, Spellbinder was stopped by The Batman. Despite a difficult fight against Spellbinder's tricks, The Batman was able to escape them with his mind. With a well placed punch, The Batman knocked Spellbinder out cold.

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