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Episode #27 - Batgirl Begins, Part 1
Original Airdate - September 17th, 2005 - Third Season Premiere

Barbara Gordon, daughter of the new GCPD Commissioner is The Batman's newest fan. After observing Gotham City's defender, she starts down a path to follow in his foot steps.

Episode #28 - Batgirl Begins, Part 2
Original Airdate - September 24th, 2005

After the accident at the lab, Pamela discovers her love of plants has turned into the power to control them. With revenge on her mind, she transforms into Poison Ivy and kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, prompting Barbara to attempt a rescue under the guise of Batgirl.

Episode #29 - A Fistfull of Felt
Original Airdate - October 8th, 2005

The Batman sends The Ventriloquist and Scarface to Arkham where the duo is evaluated by Hugo Strange. Strange uses the opportunity to separate Arnold Wesker from the dummy, but is Wesker really free of the nasty little puppet?

Episode #30 - A Dark Knight to Remember
Original Airdate - October 1st, 2005

After an encounter with The Penguin at Gotham Harbor, Bruce awakens with no memory of being The Batman. As Penguin reeks havoc on the city, it's up to Alfred to help Master Bruce bring on The Batman.

Episode #31 - RPM
Original Airdate - November 5th, 2005

The Batman and Batgirl face off with Gearhead, a high speed thrill-seeker with the ability to manipulate and control machines.

Episode #32 - Cash for Toys
Original Airdate - February 4th, 2006

Toymaker Cosmo Krank seeks revenge against Bruce Wayne after the billionaire successfully leads a campaign to remove his unsafe toys from store shelves. Despite Brucešs objections, he is put under the protection of the overly macho Detective Cash Tankenson. Bruce must figure out a way to give the overzealous detective the slip and become The Batman in order to stop Krank and his deadly toys.

Episode #33 - Brawn
Original Airdate - November 12th, 2005

When the Joker steals the device that increases Bane's strength, The Batman must find a way to take down the now muscle-bound Clown Prince of Crime.

Episode #34 - The Laughing Cats
Original Airdate - November 19th, 2005

When a rare leopard is stolen, Batgirl is quick to blame Catwoman, but The Batman isn't so sure.

Episode #35 - Fleurs du Mal
Original Airdate - November 26th, 2005

When Mayor Grange changes his stance on paving Gotham Park for a hospital and declares his campaign to "Green Up Gotham" its citizens don't seem to be acting like themselves.

Note: Title translates to "Flowers of Evil."

Episode #36 - The Apprentice
Original Airdate - February 11th, 2006

Jealous that Batman has a new sidekick in Batgirl, Joker decides he needs one of his own. Turning to Donnie, a misguided prankster and classmate of Barbara Gordon's, he attempts to mold the comic hopeful in his own image. But when Donnie realizes that it's not just laughs that Joker's after and wants out, the Clown Prince of Crime ominously decides it's going to take some tough love for Donnie to realize his 'comic potential.'"

Episode #37 - Thunder
Original Airdate - February 18th, 2006

When Mayor Grange defeats eccentric billionaire Maximillian Zeus for re-election, Zeus takes his obsession with Greek mythology to another level; taking control of Gotham from a ship hovering above the city.

Episode #38 - The Icy Depths
Original Airdate - May 6th, 2006

Mr. Freeze reappears and he and The Penguin fight over the same mysterious jewel-encrusted umbrella. The Batman not only has to attempt to stop the two rogues, but save Alfred as well when he gets mixed up in the conflict..

Episode #39 - Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind
Original Airdate - May 13th, 2006 - Third Season Finale

Professor Hugo Strange introduces the Digitially Advanced Villain Emulator (D.A.V.E.). An a.i. designed to help the Gotham PD capture criminals, it has been programmed with the psychological profiles of The Batman's greatest enemies all rolled into one. When D.A.V.E. manages to upload itself off of the Arkham server, it's up to The Batman to defeat Gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind.

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